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⁣So long, Daft Punk. [1993 - 2021]

⁣Thank you everyone for watching and joining me in a small tribute to one of the greatest duos of all time.

Since so many people have been asking about the music, it's a specially edited version of an Orchestral Medly dedicated to Daft Punk by Kaleidescope Orchestra.

I added some light strings, a few bass drums along with the original Daft Punk acapellas to fit the medly.

The original version can be found here go give them a like and follow as they do absolutely amazing renditions of popular artists:

By the way:
If any of you would like to help with the situation in Ukraine but haven't found a good way to yet:

Voices of Ukraine helps children impacted by armed conflict, providing shelter, food, & basic necessities to refugees.
You can donate here:

Thank you everyone ?

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